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  • Developer: Apoapsis Studios
  • Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
  • Version: Early Access
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Official information

Release Date Sep 28, 2017
Developer Apoapsis Studios
Publisher Apoapsis Studios
Genre Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Language English
System PC
Version Early Access


Airport CEO: heavy responsibilities with an easy heart

For those gamers who are mad about simulations, there is a decent title to take a look at. Airport CEO is the video game in current development and already available in early access.

Airport CEO was developed and published by an indie company Apoapsis Studios. The game was released on the 28th of September, 2017 and from this date has undergone plenty of fixes. Despite the bugs and glitches, Airport CEO attracts users continually. And that gives developers an opportunity to fix and improve the game regularly.

You can get it for a PC use for $15.99 from Steam or Humble Bundle and try yourself as an airport CEO. You will need to design, build, and make function the airfield for general aviation. If it sounds appealing to you, then let us reveal more cool features of the game.

Soft realism aesthetics: the best visual solution from Apoapsis Studios

Regarding graphics, Airport CEO offers players the 2D cartoonish solution of the building- and management simulator. The seriousness of your task will be somehow spiced up with a playful manner of drawings.

The visuals from the landscapes to the staff and passengers characters are designed neatly, though a bit pixelated. Maybe, it is less realistic than you expected from a simulation game. Still, the visual performance is bright and clear. The developers themselves call these graphics ‘soft realism.’

Combination of grey, green, and blue colors makes all the objects distinct on your playing map. You can take a look from above on the territory and the moving objects and by clicking buttons like ‘Structure,’ ‘Infrastructure,’ ‘Items,’ and so on, switch between the named ones.

But the main issue concerning graphics is not the quality of drawings or their realism. The primary admonition in terms of graphics is the slowdown of the gameplay. Many users who already tried the game complain about visual glitches and sometimes even a black screen appears. Some had to reduce the graphics to a simple level (this option is available in the settings,) but still get graphics glitches.

Obviously, there’s still so much to do with graphics. So the developers are continually working on these improvements.

Realistic simulation: discover the airport life as it is

The gameplay of Airport CEO is icing on the cake as it has many tasty features most of the gamers like. First of all, it offers you an opportunity of turning into a managing director of an airport. Just imagine that designing, building, improving an airport with all its structure and infrastructure elements, hiring staff, serving passengers, and even managing this large institution - everything falls on your shoulders. Are you ready to deal with all these challenges?

You will need to build an airport from scratch with the landing area, all its terminals, gates, dispatcher racks, runways, taxi ranks, and so on. Start from signing a contract with a constructing company and getting a personnel for the working needs. These architectural and managing tasks require calculating and creative skills from the player.

After this stage, you will proceed to the airport’s infrastructure. Where will the taxis stand when approaching your airport? How many terminals there would be to serve all the passengers? Satisfy your clients’ needs with perfect check-in racks, information desks, baggage carousels, security services, and all other facilities which we are used to getting at airports. You need to embody all the named in the game to make the passengers satisfied and happy.

Taking into account the humans factor, pay a particular attention to the staff you are hiring. You will need to consider different CV’s to get the most helpful and friendly staff as your airport team.

It’s not a piece of cake to be a CEO of such a massive infrastructure object. As a player and a main disposer of this simulation reality, you will face challenges like business planning and management. You will finally uncover the secret mechanisms which rule every airport in the world.  

Airport CEO is a well-thought game in many aspects. Building, creating, managing services, communicating with staff and passengers - everything from what the real airport’s life consists. And you’ve got to be meticulous enough to build the right strategy of managing this simulator.

This realistic simulation gives you the whole power of managing, designing, and studying the original airport processes. What is it if not the best airport managing simulation?

A complicated idea that is easy to play

There is a great help regarding controls which you may get in the Gameplay Settings menu. Use a keyboard and a mouse to manage all the needed manipulations.

WASD keys traditionally answer for the movement. You can move the camera with the help of them. Q, E keys will get it rotated, and K, M will zoom it in and out.

Interaction with objects requires some mouse clicks. For more features, you’ll need the other keys, including F1-F10.

After the game starts, you will soon convince there is nothing complicated about the controls. Though the controls are usual, there’s always something to discover in a gameplay.

As Airport CEO is a game that is continuously developing, you will find some new features and devs each time you open and play it. You can watch how the game evolves from its early stages and turn into a full value title. We think it’s an exciting process


When simulation is close to perfection

Airport CEO requires all your best to get a thoroughly developed airport with all ensuing consequences. It’s a perfect simulation game to test your intelligence and managing skills. Moreover, it reveals you a bunch of secrets on how the real airports function.

If you are a fan of simulations, get this 2D tycoon and management game and watch it develop. As developers announce, the Airport CEO full value release is near at hand!


  • Overloading: I don't know the better wording for overloading but you'll get the idea once I explain. So once you have a big enough airport, with enough buses, cars, and check-in counters and so on, the people count starts to go up. When that happens, halfway through the game the characters kind of glitch through between other characters. And the planes kind of get confused as well if I don't have a holding point as well. From the camera angle, it'll look like there's only one or two people standing in line for something but when I clikc the status, it'll tell me there's 50 or so and so people are waiting in line. And when I close the stand, all those people will move to a different place. It looks like people just stood on each other as if they all were invisible and similar thing happened with buses and cars as well. And same thing with security checks, boarding area, check-in area, and subways
  • Logic: Sometimes the logic of this game seems unreal. Countless times, my whole screen got bombarded with notifications saying I don't have a way for the people to walk across a sidewalk and go to the large door that's there. I had to stop every other thing I was doing so moving people away from the same spot made my computer crash 3 times. Of course, I didn't want to stop playing but it did ♥♥♥♥ me off all those times I tried to clear the area
  • Tutorial: I know that the tutorial has been simplified from earlier version but the tutorial seems to be getting way complicated as the airport gets bigger. During the first tutorial, it's hell of a lot easier but the during the 3rd one, oh my god, that was a lot of stuff I had to do just to clear 1 thing off of the whole "International airport" tutorial. Like I've said before, I understand that this is the whole point of the game so gamers and people who hadn't had a experience like this feel it, but even for me an amid plane and airport lover, this was way complicated than it should've been. But at the same time, I'm waiting for the whole game to release so I'd actually spend more time to figure things out rather than glitch out or crash the game


  • Graphics: This game has not the best graphics but it isn't complete garbage either. It's a mix of both worlds fron 2D and 3D and although I have to say, some things are better with this game such as the shadows of objects, people, and planes
  • Sound: The music is somewhat ok, but the game EFX is pretty much accurate to the real deal. This game will definitely will make you think you're in a real airport if you closed your eyes and just listen
  • Gameplay controls: The classic keyboard gaming with a spalsh of mouse functions. Most of the game is playable with just a keyboard and you'll only need a mouse just to use the panels. And this game's controls are so easy. Literally all you need is about five minutes and you're good to go
  • Interface: This user interface on this is exceptional. Some things will make you feel dumb at times but once you get the hang of it, you'll know. Like I've said earlier, you have the option to pretty much control everything from just the keyboard and you'll have pretty much everything laid out for you in the tutorial
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