Running an airport is a serious business. Right? Even if you haven’t tried it IRL, you can simulate it on your PC with Airport CEO game.
What do we love about tycoon games? They take all of our attention and all of your brains if you want to succeed. It’s a modern strategy about being a peacetime general, leading your staff to victories and prosperity.

  • Building objects like gates and tarmacs, runways and taxiways, shops and restaurants. Imagine how they’re supposed to work and imply your own views!
  • Calculating the economic effect of innovations. Convert your ideas into profits!
  • Selecting the best staff for your projects. Become a leader!
  • Meeting passenger needs. Know what they need, and provide it!

Keeping an eye on all of these parameters is like piloting, with lots of indicators on your dashboard. Time runs fast in here, so react quickly!

We’re not sure whether this game will ever make its own Arthur Hailey, but it’s powerful enough for that. It’s so rich in unpredictable situations that you probably imagine them as a movie or a novel, with yourself as a protagonist. It even has its own Wiki, with all the explanations and stories you will ever need, and all the innovations reflected in it as soon as they’re introduced.

Who said tycoon games are something from the last decade? This one was first released in 2017, and it’s as actual as most 2017 games. Thinking is always actual, so are the games that stimulate it. Few of players will ever run real airports, but handling complicated tasks simultaneously is an everyday thing.

So, we love Airport CEO, and that’s how we express it. Luckily, gaming is a serious business now, so show them what you’re into!