Airport ceo cheats: get $1M for free How to get $ 1M Call the console by pressing F9 Type "motherlode" without the quotes to get $ 1M Continue Reading Airport CEO VS SimAirport: two peas in a pod? Airport simulation: is this the latest trend in video gaming development? Judging by the emergence of two similar games almost at the same time, we can presume that it could become even the full value genre. Let’s get down to business. We want to talk about two video games which are Airport CEO and SimAirport. These are both simulation games at the stage of development, and one and the other are in early access. As it is clear from their names, both titles perform the airport simulations. The idea is similar: to build an airport, pack it with all the needed infrastructure, and make your passengers satisfied with services. Nevertheless, the performance is different. So we decided to analyze both of the games and try to find out how Airport CEO and SimAirport conquer for their audience while existing side by side. What is similar? Both Airport CEO and SimAirport are tycoon-style games which take in turn your building and managing skills. These simulators have the same idea in the basis: creating your airport from scratch. Airport CEO which is a title from the indie developer Apoapsis Studios gives you unlimited opportunities of selecting a layout, building, developing infrastructure, hiring HR, signing airline contracts, and serving passengers in your virtual airport. Exactly the same offers SimAirport. In SimAirport from the indie developer LVGameDev LLC, you can be the most obliging towards passengers which fly from your airport. You can provide the most convenient services regarding check-in, boarding, baggage, catering, securing, and so on. And you know what? In Airport CEO, you can do the same.  Both games are inspired by an idea of the real-life airport and living people working and using services in it. That is why the characters in Airport CEO and SimAirport are equipped with the well-developed AI and behave like individuals with their particular features and needs. It looks like we are examining the twin-games. But do not rush to conclusions. There is something unique about every one of them so that we can finally distinct these two games from each other.  What’s the difference? SimAirport broadens your experience with an ability to conduct business through various commercial operations. For example, you can buy more land to expand the airport boundaries. You can as well sell your airport and fund a new one already having experience behind. There are also possibilities for trading within the game. By selling fuel in SimAirport, you can earn money for construction and infrastructure improvement. There are great opportunities for evolving your airport if only you reveal your economic skills.  Airport CEO requires your resourcefulness and intelligence first of all. Taking a part of a CEO, you accept the challenge of managing the processes from A to Z to let your airport function as the real one. The game points on choosing the best strategy for optimizing an airport structure. Moreover, in Airport CEO, the developers offer you a possibility of negotiating with big companies, lenders, and contractors. This is a simulation of the real CEO’s weekdays who signs contracts with airlines and other industry giants. What’s better? So, Airport CEO and SimAirport are both games simulating the life of an airport as if it was a small ecosystem with own rules of genesis and evolution. The games have the similar idea in basis, but at a closer view, you will notice that they are distinctive.  If you want to get the gaming experience connected with such kind of simulation, you need to decide what has more priority to you. Trading fuel, buying lands, selling buildings or negotiating with big companies and deep dive into the internal airport processes? From this answer depends what game is better to choose. You know, different strokes for different folks.  Comparing the level of experience you get from playing these two games, we can say that Airport CEO is more elaborate regarding content, that is why it is more engaging than SimAirport. Both developers of Airport CEO and SimAirport are still making a good deal of research work to make these simulations as authentic as possible. In our turn, we are looking forward to the brand new features and improvements for both of the games. Now they are not as different as chalk and cheese, but after some modifications, we expect to find out two exclusive titles.    Continue Reading